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The Book of Life

Mary Beth, a museum tourist guide, takes a team of detention pupils on an excursion of Mexican individual misconceptions and also tales. She informs them the tale of the Mexican town of San Angel from guide of Life, which holds every story worldwide.

The story take place on an evening of San Angel's Day of the Dead festival, which the spirit couple La Muerte, ruler of the Land of the Born in mind; as well as Xibalba, ruler of the Land of the Forgotten, established a wager after seeing Manolo Sánchez and also Joaquín Mondragon contending over a lady named María Posada. La Muerte wagers that Manolo will wed María while Xibalba bank on Joaquín. If La Muerte wins, Xibalba can no longer conflict in mortal events. If Xibalba wins, he and La Muerte switch over realms. However, Xibalba rips off by offering Joaquin his Medal of Everlasting Life, which approves the wearer invincibility. María releases a herd of porkers from being slaughtered, causing her to get registered in a boarding college in Spain. While claiming their farewells, Manolo offers her a child pig from earlier and also she gives him a guitar engraved with "Always play from the heart" while Joaquin maintains her hat that flew off the train.
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Years later on, Manolo's musician dreams are suppressed by his dad Carlos that trains him to become a well-known bullfighter just like the remainder of their household while Joaquín ends up being the adored town hero with the Medal's aid. On the day of María's return, a celebration is held finishing in Manolo's very first bullfight. Manolo getting rids of the bull however refuses to kill it, dismaying Carlos as well as the crowd however impressing María. That night, María is pushed by General Ramiro Posada, her dad and the mayor of San Angel, to wed Joaquín to ensure that he will remain and also safeguard San Angel from the bandit Chakal, though she is conflicted by her sensations for Manolo. Marían and also Manolo meet before dawn to profess their love for each other, yet they are disrupted when Xibalba sends out a two-headed snake to bite her once, making her unconscious. Ravaged by María's thought death, Manolo is fooled by Xibalba into being sent out to the afterlife: the snake bites him two times, eliminating him.

At the Land of the Kept in mind, Manolo reunites with his mommy Carmen and also his renowned deceased relative. They take a trip to La Muerte's castle to seek María, yet discover Xibalba, who explains the wager to Manolo which the serpent placed María in a coma, but killed him. When María awakens, she discovers of Manolo's fatality as well as accepts Joaquín's proposition. Manolo, Carmen, and Manolo's grandfather Luis traveling to the Cave of Hearts to reach La Muerte. They meet the Candle Maker who supervises the lives of everybody in the living world. After seeing that Manolo's tale in guide of Life is blank and also could be revised by Manolo's own activities, the Candle light Manufacturer takes them to the Land of the Forgotten. Manolo discovers La Muerte and also exposes the cheating to her. Angry at Xibalba, La Muerte talks him before one more bargain is bargained: Manolo's life will certainly be returned if he completes an obstacle Xibalba establishes him. If he falls short, Xibalba will rule both lands and Manolo will certainly be failed to remember. Believing that Manolo's anxiety is bulls, Xibalba manifests every bull the Sanchez family ever combated, which merge into a huge one for Manolo to getting rid of.

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