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Like Crazy is a 2011 American romantic drama movie directed by Drake Doremus and starring Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones and also Jennifer Lawrence. Composed by Doremus as well as Ben York Jones, the film tells the story of Anna (Pleasure Jones), a British exchange student that loves an American student, Jacob (Yelchin), just to be separated from him when she is rejected re-entry right into the USA after remaining in the nation much longer compared to her student visa enables.

Doremus based the story of the film partially on his very own long-distance connection with a woman living in London while he lived in L.a. Instead of creating a conventional movie script, he and also Ben York Jones compiled a 50-page synopsis of the movie where the stars improvisated mostly all of the dialogue. Recording took place over four weeks in Los Angeles and also London with a budget of US$ 250,000.

Like Crazy premiered on January 22, 2011 at the Sundance Movie Celebration, where it won the celebration's Grand Jury Reward. It was released in cinemas on October 28, 2011 and earned over $3.5 million at the box workplace. The majority of testimonials of the movie were positive, with customers providing specific appreciation to the performances of Yelchin and Jones, although some discovered the story impractical and also contrived.
Anna Gardner (Pleasure Jones), a British exchange student attending college in L.a, meets and falls for Jacob Helm (Anton Yelchin), an American pupil that returns her loves. After college graduation, Anna decides to spend the summer season with Jacob instead of return to the UK, uninformed of the consequences of remaining longer than her pupil visa, which expired upon her college graduation, allows. After going back to London for a family members engagement, Anna flies back to L.a, where she is apprehended, rejected access, and also sent back to the United Kingdom by immigration authorities.
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The couple's love for each other expands stressed by their separation and also long-distance connection. Regardless of her efforts at appealing the immigration decision, Anna is informed she is outlawed from getting in the USA. At the same time, Jacob leaves his effective design company and also gos to Anna in London for a couple of weeks. There, he discovers that Anna's moms and dads, Bernard (Oliver Muirhead) as well as Jackie (Alex Kingston), have hired a migration attorney to aim to obtain the ban raised. Bernard recommends that weding might aid their efforts. Jacob is awkward with the suggestion, and also the couple battle with their sensations.

After Jacob returns to the United States, he and also Anna grow apart, and Jacob starts a relationship with his coworker, Samantha (Jennifer Lawrence). Anna also searches for a brand-new life for herself, starting work as an assistant for a journal, yet she is unable to desert her sensations for Jacob. She at some point phones him from London as well as states that they will never ever discover in others just what they located in each other, and that they should marry. Not long after, Jacob breaks up with Samantha, goes back to London and marries Anna in a tiny computer registry office event with her moms and dads as witnesses-- both attesting that they will certainly "never enable anything to damage the feelings we discuss for each and every various other". With a weepy parting, Jacob returns to his business in L.a while the couple wait six months prior to they appeal the restriction on Anna's visa.
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