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Titan A.E. is a 2000 American animated sci-fi adventure movie directed and also produced by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. The movie's title refers to the spacecraft main to the plot, with A.E. indicating "After Planet". It stars the voices of Matt Damon, Expense Pullman, John Leguizamo, Nathan Lane, Janeane Garofalo as well as Drew Barrymore. The film's computer animation technique combines typical hand-drawn animation and also considerable use of computer system created imagery. Its functioning title was Planet Ice. The film was theatrically launched on June 16, 2000 by 20th Century Fox The film grossed $36.8 million on a $75--$90 million spending plan, making a $100-million loss for 20th Century Fox.
In 3028 A.D., humanity has actually understood deep room traveling and also communicated with several alien species. A human development called "Task Titan" surprises the Drej, a pure energy-based alien species. As the Drej begin to attack Planet, Teacher Sam Tucker, the lead scientist for "Task Titan", sends his child Cale on among the discharge ships with his alien close friend Tek while Tucker and various other members of his group fly the Titan space capsule into hyperspace. When the Drej mothership destroys Earth and the Moon with a massive laser-like energy light beam, the making it through human beings become nomads, normally mocked by various other unusual types.

Fifteen years later on, Cale is working in a salvage yard in a planet belt at Tau 14. He is tracked down by Joseph Korso, leader of the spacecraf Valkyrie. Korso discloses that Teacher Tucker inscribed a map to the Titan in Cale's ring. Tek tells Cale that humanity relies on locating the Titan. When the Drej strike the salvage yard, Cale is compelled to escape aboard the Valkyrie with Korso as well as his crew: Akima, a human women pilot; as well as Preed, Gune, and Stith, aliens of different varieties.

On the planet Sesharrim, the bat-like Gaoul interpret the map as well as find the Titan is hidden in the Andali Nebula. Drej boxers get there and also record Cale and Akima. The Drej ultimately dispose of Akima and also extract the Titan's map from Cale. Korso's crew rescues Akima while Cale eventually runs away in a Drej ship and rejoins the group. Cale's map has actually changed and also currently reveals the Titan's final location.
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While resupplying at a human space terminal called New Bangkok, Cale and also Akima discover that Korso as well as Preed are planning to uncover the Titan to the Drej. Cale and Akima manage to leave the Valkyrie yet are then stranded on New Bangkok when Korso and the rest of the crew established off for the Titan. With the aid of New Bangkok's homesteaders, Cale and also Akima recover a small spacecraf called Phoenix and race to discover the Titan before Korso.

Cale and Akima navigate through the big ice area in the Andali Nebula and dock with the Titan prior to the Valkyrie arrives. They find DNA tries of Earth pets and also a pre-recorded holographic message left by Cale's daddy. Professor Tucker describes that the Titan was manufactureded to produce an Earth-like earth; however, its power cells do not have the energy required for the procedure. The message is interrupted by the arrival of Korso and Preed. Preed efforts to double-cross Korso, however he eliminates him. Moments later on, the Drej strike the Titan. While the staying staff of the Valkyrie distracts them, Cale - offered that Drej are, basically, beings of pure energy - modifies the Titan to absorb them, thus re-energizing the ship. A repentant Korso sacrifices his life to help Cale finish the repair services. The Titan takes in the Drej mothership together with everybody aboard and also uses obtained power to mold and mildew the ice field into a brand-new habitable planet.
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