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The Angry Birds Movie (or simply Angry Birds) [5] is a 2016 3D computer-animated action-adventure comedy film based on the video game collection of the very same name. It was routed by Clay Kaytis as well as Fergal Reilly (in their directorial launchings), [6] generated by John Cohen and Catherine Winder, [7] as well as created by Jon Vitti. [8] The movie was computer animated by Sony Pictures Imageworks, and celebrities Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Kate McKinnon, Sean Penn, Tony Hale, Keegan-Michael Secret, Costs Hader as well as Peter Dinklage. [9] It was released in the United States on Could 20, 2016, obtained blended evaluations from critics and also has actually earned over $150 million.
At Bird Island, an island inhabited by flightless birds, reclusive, irritated clown Red is punished to rage administration class after his mood costs him a customer. One day, a watercraft docks at Bird Island, bring porkers from Piggy Island led by Leonard. Claiming to be a peaceful traveler as well as bringing offerings of friendship, the porkers are accepted on the island. Even more porkers start to flock to Bird Island readily from the birds.
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Eventually, the porkers adapt to society, however Red comes to be suspicious of their motives. He recruits his schoolmates Chuck and also Bomb to aid him locate Mighty Eagle, a giant eagle claimed to be the protector of the island, as well as the only bird that can fly. They find him in addition to Bird Hill, yet the lazy Mighty Eagle is exposed to be retired as well as hasn't already flown in years. Later, Red's group sees the pigs planting explosives around the island as well as realizes they are swiping the birds' eggs. Red as well as Bomb effort to recover the eggs, yet the porkers retreat and also their nitroglycerins ruin the village. When the birds understand exactly what took place, Red rallies them to let their temper loose.

The birds create a watercraft as well as cruise to Piggy Island, where they find the pigs living in a walled city. Reasoning the eggs are most likely in the main castle of the city, the birds strike the porkers by slinging birds at them making use of a huge slingshot. Red, Chuck, and also Bomb make it to the castle as well as find the eggs in a central heating boiler room to be cooked as well as consumed by the porkers. Mighty Eagle arrives, having had a change of heart, and carries the eggs out. As the birds run away, an egg falls out as well as makes its back right into the castle. Red returns the castle, recovers the egg, and endures Piggy Island's damage, caused by the pigs' reserve of explosives.

After the surge, Red is hailed as a hero. He, Chuck, and also Bomb are approached by Mighty Eagle, who asserts that he had not been really lazy and also made them despair in him to instruct them to locate faith in themselves. In a mid-credits sequence, it is disclosed that of the porkers have actually endured Piggy Island's damage, while Leonard is hatching a new plan to swipe the eggs.
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