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Like Mike is a 2002 American funny movie directed by John Schultz and created by Michael Elliot as well as Jordan Moffet. It stars Lil' Bow Wow, Morris Chestnut, Jonathan Lipnicki, Brenda Tune, Robert Forster, Crispin Glover and also Eugene Levy. It was created by NBA Productions as well as features numerous cameo looks by NBA stars. The movie was released on July 3, 2002, by 20th Century Fox.
Calvin Cambridge and also his 2 best friends, Murph and also Reg Stevens, are teenage orphans. At night they need to sell chocolate for the orphanage supervisor, Stan Bittleman, after each house online game of the Los Angeles Knights.

Calvin meets the group's coach, that is excited by Calvin's knowledge of basketball and also honesty concerning the delicious chocolates, and also offers Calvin tickets for the following game. Calvin gets a pair of old tennis shoes from a thrift store supposedly utilized by a wonderful basketball player when he was a kid. The footwears have the initials MJ on them, so Calvin thinks they came from Michael Jordan.

Calvin's sneakers are taken by a bully called Ox who tosses them onto an overhead high-voltage line. Calvin tries to get them that night in a rainstorm and also gets shocked by a lightning screw.

Calvin and his buddies attend the basketball game between the Knights as well as the Minnesota Timberwolves. After the second quarter ends, the team's ideal gamer, Tracy Reynolds, plans for a halftime competition. Calvin's ticket number is called and also he goes one on one with Tracy. Calvin ends the competition with a dunk after hopping the round off the backboard. Reg and the crowd give Calvin an applause. Calvin is authorized to a one-day contract by the Knights. Calvin gets ready for his initial game with the Knights, however understands that he is not there to play. When the Knights play the San Antonio Spurs they start shedding badly as well as Train Wagner makes a decision to allow Calvin play in the fourth quarter. Calvin leads a comeback versus the Spurs and also they win, which brings about Calvin obtaining a period contract. Reynolds becomes his coach since Calvin is a minor. Calvin brings team effort to the Knights and makes them one of the most effective teams in the organization. Tracy begins to value Calvin after Calvin obtains himself into problem when making sure that Tracy didn't miss time limit.

Bittleman indications an agreement with the group that all of Calvin's money will go to him until Calvin is eighteen, or taken on. When the second alternative will come to be real, Bittleman swipes Calvin's footwears and wagers US$ 100,000 against the Knights.
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After convincing Ox and his close friends that Bittleman is self-seeking, Ox takes the footwears out of Bittleman's safe. The children go to the field with Calvin's sneakers. Bittleman leaves and sends out thugs after Calvin in a failed attempt to take the footwears. Calvin makes it to the arena with the shoes after the Third quarter ends with Vince Carter and also the Toronto Raptors directing the Knights 80-- 59.

In the Fourth quarter of the last routine season, Calvin is taken into the video game by the trainer and also the Knights start to rebound. After a pile-on to the end of the online game, Calvin's footwears are spoiled with the Knights down by one point. On the last play, Calvin manages to pump phony to obtain Vince Carter to jump and also Calvin was able to get the round to Tracy and also Tracy makes the game-winning shot to secure the Knights their first playoff appearance.

After getting back to his orphanage, Calvin and Murph get adopted by Tracy, and also Reg by a various household yet they keep in touch. Bittleman is missing since he doesn't have sufficient money to pay the wager, and the orphanage is currently funded by the Knights.
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